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Everyone loves music of some sort and one of the biggest online sources of music to stream it Spotify, boasting more than 140 million monthly users. Spotify comes in two flavors , free and paid. The free version is OK but there are limitations to it and it is ad-supported while the paid version offers so much more. Not everyone can or wants to pay $9.99 every month though so an app called Spotify++ has been developed. Spotify++ [ext link] offers all the free features and the premium ones with no cost attached to it.

Image : Spotify++ Download Tutorial

Spotify++ Features :

A modified version of Spotify, Spotify++ offers a lot of features, including:

  • No need to jailbreak 
  • Very easy to download and use
  • Suitable for all iOS devices on all iOS versions
  • No more ads 
  • As many track skips as you want
  • Unlimited track scrubbing
  • Download tracks rather than streaming
  • Best sound quality
  • A good deal more besides

How to Download Spotify++ :

Downloading Spotify++ is quite easy to do but you won’t find it in an app store. Apple doesn’t let this kind of app get past its strict testing, so the developers have made it available through an app installer called Panda Helper. It is safe to use and here’s how you get it:

  1. Download Panda Helper onto your iPhone or iPad 
  2. Open Panda Helper and use the search facility to find Spotify++ 
  3. Several results will appear, choose the one that goes with your device and iOS version 
  4. Some instructions will show up on the screen, follow these to ensure a successful installation 
  5. When Spotify++ has been installed on your device, you can enjoy all the premium features without having to pay for them.

At one time, Cydia [ext link]was the only way that we would have been able to get apps like this. Now, jailbreaks are at a real premium; with so few about now, more and more users are turning to app installers to get our third-party and modified apps and games. With no need to jailbreak to use installers like Panda Helper, they are proving to be very popular and are attracting many more people; while it will never be a replacement for Cydia, it does at least give us something to use.

Spotify++ is free to download and use and is perfectly safe so try it on your iPhone or iPad today and don’t forget to tell us what you think of it. Follow us on Facebook for more updates and news.

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