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Having gone from more jailbreaks than we can use to virtually none, the jailbreak community is, understandably, getting concerned. With so many updates from Apple and so little communication from the jailbreak developers, it’s not difficult to assume that the Cupertino company has finally made true on their promise to kill off jailbreaking. However, we’re not left without alternatives as several helpful developers have released their own app installers, like Cydia but not quite so deep. The newest one is Panda Helper, and it has a huge range of paid apps for free, modified apps and loads more to choose from, all without needing to jailbreak first, and it works on the iPad. Here’s how to download Panda Helper.

Image : Panda Helper Download Tutorial

How to Download Panda Helper on iPad:

Choose from one of these three ways , two for the iPad and one for Android tablets :

Method 1: Safari Browser [ Easy Method ]

Please don’t bother trying this on any browser other than Safari , it won’t work

  1. Open Safari on your iPad . Go to [ copy-paste in browser ] and let the page load fully  panda helper
  2. Look at the top right corner of your iPad screen and you will see an UP arrow, tap on it . Now a new screen opens, tap the option to Add to Home Screen 
  3. Wait for the new screen to load and then type Panda Helper into the box so your icon has a name . Tap the Add button and come out of Safari
  4. You will see the new Panda Helper icon on your home page . Watch the video below. Proceed to next steps.

Video: See how to download Panda Helper on your iPad

After Panda Helper is installed on iPad.

The steps from here are not quite so straightforward so follow them very carefully:

  1. Open the Panda Helper app from homescreen.
  2. An information page will load, tap on the link to Install so that the profile can be downloaded
  3. When your Settings app opens on the Profiles page, tap on Install Profile and then type your passcode in
  4. Safari browser will open, tap Install Panda Helper and then tap Install on the confirmation box
  5. Your Settings app will open once more, tap on Install
  6. Tap Next > Done and wait for Panda Helper to finish installing
  7. Look on your homepage and you will see the icon

If there is no Panda Helper icon, then the installation has failed; go back and repeat these steps once more

Method 3: Android Only

Although Android is more open and slightly less security-conscious than the iOS, users are still not able to enjoy many of the features that jailbreakers have. While they can download some third-party apps, they can’t get paid apps or games for free and they can’t download any of the useful modified apps that iOS users can. Now though, Panda Helper has been provided with full support for Android and, while the steps are a bit more complicated, they are still easy to follow. Those download steps can be found at the link below :

Stopping Panda Helper from Crashing on iPad :

Because Panda Helper is not official, Apple will not let it run for long. Within a day or two of you installing it, they will revoke the app certificate, causing Panda Helper to crash and stop working. Reinstalling it, and all your apps, will bring it back but there is an easier way , stop it from ever happening. To do this, you need to install a VPN tool called NessTool [ext link]; click on the link to get more details and a full step by step tutorial.

Popular Panda Helper Apps :

With so much to choose from in Panda Helper, where do you start? Screen recorders have always been popular and this one is the most popular in the installer:

  • AirShou

Screen Recorders always have been and always will be popular apps and AirShou will always be one of the most popular. Although there are hundreds to choose from in the official app store, AirShou offers much more than any of them, including the ability to record your screen in Full HD, make the video more professional by adding top quality stereo recording and do it all with intuitive on-screen controls. Once only available through Cydia, AirShou [ext link] is now available for anyone to use so click on the link and get all the details.

Panda Helper Alternative :

Comprehensive though it is, Panda Helper may not have what you want. If not, have a look at this popular alternative:

  • Emus4U

Emus4U has proven a popular alternative to Panda Helper, given that it is one of the few non-Cydia sources of the popular games emulators. With these, we can download some of our favorite console games and play them, with the iPad an ideal device. With lots of modified apps, like Pokémon Go++ and Instagram++ and plenty of paid apps for free, Emus4U is a great alternative. Get all the details and an Emus4U [ext link] download guide at the given link.

Right now, with the future of jailbreaking looking bleak, Panda Helper is one of the best alternatives we have. It won’t replace Cydia, but it can fill the gap for now so download it, tell us what you think and follow us on Facebook for more updates.

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