Panda Helper iOS 12

Now that iOS 12 is here, we are eagerly awaiting news of a jailbreak but while we wait we can continue to use Panda Helper. One of the best Cydia alternatives, Panda Helper and Emus4U app offers us the chance to download many apps and games, including those modified with additional features. Find more about Panda Helper and then read on for a download tutorial.

How to Download Panda Helper on iOS 12:

Panda Helper can be installed on iOS 12 in just one way:

  1. Opening your Safari browser, go to or use this ( alternate link ) panda helper
  2. Our mobile page loads, tap the UP arrow (top or bottom of the screen)
  3. New options load on the screen, tap on Add to Home Screen
  4. Type Panda Helper into the box, naming your icon, and tap Add
  5. Close Settings, go to your home screen and the icon will be there.
  6. View the video below and then go to the next part of the guide:

Video: Demonstrates the steps

After Panda Helper is Installed on Homepage

  1. Tap the icon on your homepage to open Panda Helper
  2. Tap iOS 12, tap the profile and then tap Install on the next page
  3. When Settings opens tap on Install Profile and enter your passcode
  4. Tap Install Panda Helper when Safari opens and then tap Install to confirm
  5. Settings opens, tap Install>Next and then Done

When Panda Helper has installed, you can begin using it on iOS 12. If it fails, repeat the steps.

Panda Helper Alternative App :

TutuApp :

If you don’t get on with Panda Helper, try TutuApp. One of the first Cydia alternatives, TutuApp offers a great range of modified apps and games so click the link for a TutuApp Download guide.

Panda Helper is an excellent Cydia alternative for iOS 12; download it today and follow us on Facebook to get more updates and news.



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