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Although there were thousands of apps available through Cydia, some were more downloaded than others and one of the top ones was called iFile. With Cydia no longer being updated, much of that down to added security in the iOS, apps like iFile [ext link] are no longer accessible. There is, however, another way to get it without needing to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad first and later, we’ll be telling you how. First, a bit more about iFile.

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What is iFile ?

For those that don’t know, iFile is an incredibly popular File Manager. When you use it through Cydia, it runs under root access, providing you with features that Apple is never going to let you have. In much the same way that Finder and Explorer work on desktops, iFile lets you access the file management system on your device so you can customize your files. There are loads of features in iFile, making it a very useful app indeed.

iFile Features :

Allowing you to quickly navigate the file system on your iOS device, iFile allows you to see multiple file types, including:

  • Apple iWork
  • Compressed format files
  • HTML
  • Images
  • Microsoft files
  • Movies
  • PDFs
  • Sound
  • Text
  • Web archives

But that’s not all. With iFile, you can also handle software and multimedia files in a flexible way and you can:

  • Move or rename your files
  • Copy and paste files 
  • Edit text
  • Edit property lists, such as config files
  • Install .deb packages with ease
  • Import files to your iPod library

You can also use iFile for moving files to and from your device in these ways:

  • Use the web server built into iFile to upload and download files, either using a network drive or a browser
  • Manage Dropbox, FTP, and other files , you can copy and move them
  • Show your files and download them using a Toshiba FlashAir card
  • Send files as email attachments
  • Mount disc image [ DMG ] files
  • Send files to iFile on an alternative device using Bluetooth

If all that wasn’t enough for you, iFile will also integrate with Celeste Bluetooth File Sharing, AttachmentSaver, and Safari Download Manager, making it an incredibly useful, must-have tool.

How to Download iFile :

Downloading iFile without a jailbreak is very easy; all you need to do is download a third-party app installer called Panda Helper first.  Here’s how:

  1. Download Panda Helper on your iPhone or iPad 
  2. Open Panda Helper and search for iFile 
  3. Download it as per the instructions on the screen  

Please be aware that, although you can use iFile without a jailbreak, you won’t get the full range of features. You do get the most important ones though and it does give you more functionality and flexibility than Apple does, so it is worth downloading.

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