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With so few jailbreaks at our disposal now and no idea of when, or even if, we will see another one, we have been for alternative ways of getting some of our favorite modified apps and, one of the favorite reasons for jailbreaking, paid apps and games for free. Over the last few months, several app installers have been released, each one offering a limited amount of what Cydia offered. The latest is called Panda Helper and Emus4U app , and both are packed with modified and paid apps, all for free. With so much to choose from, you’ll want to download this one right away so here’s how.

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Panda Helper download

How to Download Panda Helper :

There are three methods to downloading Panda Helper, two for iOS users and a further one for those on Android. Choose the one that suits you:

Method 1 :  

This will not work with any browser other than Safari so don’t waste time trying:

  1. Launch Safari on your iPhone or iPad and go to the address bar 
  2. Type in or use this ( alternate link )panda helper
  3. On our mobile web page, look for the UP arrow , top right or bottom center of the screen , and tap on it 
  4. This will launch another page; choose Add to Home Screen from the options along the bottom of the screen 
  5. Now type Panda Helper into the box that appears so that your icon has a name . Tap the Add button and, when you close Safari 
  6. The Panda Helper icon will be on your home screen. Watch the video. Proceed to next steps.

Video:  See how to download Panda Helper

After Panda Helper App is Installed.

These steps must be followed exactly as written otherwise Panda Helper may not be installed correctly:

  1. Launch the Panda Helper app from homescreen. Find your iOS version and download using the link.
  2. Look through the information page that loads and tap the link to Install Directly to iOS Device so that the profile may be downloaded
  3. Now your settings app will open at the Profile page; tap the link to Install Profile
  4. Type in your passcode and Safari browser will open again 
  5. Tap the link to Install Panda Helper and then confirm your intentions by tapping Install on the confirmation window
  6. Settings will open once more; tap on Install > Next > Down  
  7. Wait for the installation to complete and you will see the Panda Helper icon on your home screen.
  8. Tap to open and start downloading your favorite apps for free 

If you do not see the icon, the installation has failed. Repeat the above steps once more carefully.

Method 3: Android Only

Just because Android is a more open and relaxed platform than iOS, it doesn’t mean that they can do everything. Even though Android users have more choice in third-party apps, they still don’t have access to modified apps or to as much paid content as they want for free. Luckily, Panda Helper has included support for Android users, so they can have some of what iOS users have long been able to enjoy. The instructions to download can be found below:

  • Download Panda Helper Android

How to Stop Panda Helper Crashing :

Because Panda Helper is not an official app, Apple will not sign the app certificate, and this means that, within a few days of downloading, they will revoke that certificate, causing Panda Helper to crash. You can stop this from happening by installing NessTool, a small VPN tool that protects your certificates. Find out how NessTool [ext link] works and get a full download guide by clicking the link.

Popular Panda Helper App

Panda helper has so much content that it can be hard to know where to begin. Start with one of the most popular apps in the installer:

  • AirShou

A screen recorder is a feature that all mobile platforms should provide their users but, sadly, it seems that Apple doesn’t think we need a decent one. AirShou has long been a popular screen recorder app from Cydia and now its available without a jailbreak. AirShou is full of useful features, including Full HD video recording with high-quality stereo recording and simple, intuitive controls. Find out more about AirShou [ext link] by clicking the link.

Popular Panda Helper Alternative :

If, by some chance, Panda Helper does not have the apps or games that you want, or you are looking for the games emulators that you used to download from Cydia, this is the app installer to try:

  • Emus4U

Emus4U is a third-party app installer that brings us many of the top games emulators without needing to jailbreak first. These emulators give us the ability to play all sorts of old-school console games on our iOS devices, including those from Nintendo, Gameboy and PS 1. Emus4U also contains several Cydia tweaks, some of the best ++ apps, like Snapchat++ and Pokémon Go++ and plenty of other content. Get all the details and an Emus4U download [ext link] guide at the linked post.

With jailbreaks so few and far between now, these app installers are the best we have so give Panda Helper a go, let us know what you think of it and follow us on Facebook for more updates.

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