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Right now, the future of jailbreaking is not looking very bright, but we do at least have a handful of third-party app installers to fall back on. These give us back something from Cydia even if it is a limited amount and the latest one is called Panda Helper. Packed with modified apps and plenty of paid content for free, it is one of the more comprehensive app installers and if you haven’t yet done so, you should download Panda Helper and give it a go. While most people have no trouble using Panda Helper, there are a few users who have reported minor, niggling issues and the best way to resolve them is to delete Panda Helper and reinstall it. We’re going to show you how.

Image : Panda Helper Delete

Delete Panda Helper :

If you need to delete Panda Helper for any reason, choose one of these methods:

Method 1 :

  1. On your iPhone or iPad, open Settings > General > Profile
  2. Look for the Panda Helper app certificate and tap it
  3. Now tap on Delete Profile
  4. Exit Settings and you will find that Panda Helper has been completely deleted.

Method 2:

  1. On your iPhone or iPad home screen, find the icon for Panda Helper , do NOT open it
  2. Long-press on the icon until it begins to wiggle
  3. In the top corner of the icon is a small cross , tap on it 
  4. Tap on Delete on the confirmation window 
  5. Panda Helper will now be deleted

Video: Watch to see these steps being done

Why You Should Give Panda Helper a Try :

There are plenty of reasons why trying Panda Helper is a good idea, first and foremost because you don’t need to jailbreak your device first. While Panda isn’t as comprehensive as Cydia, it does offer lots of choice, enough to fill in the gap while we wait to hear about a new jailbreak. Panda Helper is jam-packed with modified and paid apps for free and there is pretty much something for everyone.

Popular Panda Helper Alternative:

If you try Panda Helper and it isn’t for you, perhaps because it doesn’t offer what you are looking for then have a look at this one:

  • Emus4U

Emus4U is another great app installer, this time focusing on one of the most popular downloads from Cydia, the games emulators. These let us play some of our favorite console games on our iOS devices, including PS1 and Nintendo games. As well as some of the top emulators, Emus4U also offers a range of modified apps, like Instagram++ and Snapchat++, along with paid content for free and lots of other apps and games. Find out how you can download Emus4U [ext link] by clicking on the link.

Did you need to delete Panda Helper for any reason ? Let us know why and whether you tried Emus4U as well and follow us on Facebook for more up to date news.



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